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    When you decide to get between the pipes you signed up for standing in front of howitzers and snap shots, all for the honor of defending the cage. So when you're in the crease, make sure your chest, shoulders, arms and stomach are fully protected from whizzing pucks and opponents' sticks. Pure Goalie is your best source for Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors and Arm protectors with the best brands like Bauer, Brians, CCM and Vaughn. It's a good idea to have your goalie pants, gloves and blockers with you when trying on a chest protector. The shoulders and collarbone should be comfortable, and the arm protection should be flexible and fit long enough to allow room for your goalie glove, blocker and cuffs. For more information check out our Goalie Chest protectors Fitting Guide. Shop our great deals online for goalie chest and arm protection for sale, and enjoy our fast shipping and unlimited returns.

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