Reebok P4 Pro Senior Chest Protector



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Pure Goalie Says: The Reebok Premier 4 Pro chest protector features new chest design that sits higher on the body with VELCRO (front-to-back adjustment). The large shoulder wings add for increased net coverage, and the vertical chest blocks create a tight arm-to-chest seal. JDP Elbow cap with comfort foam are said to be the #1 Elbow protection in the NHL.

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Goldberg the Goalie! by Sam from Orrington, Maine ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

This is a good quality chest protector, but definitely is made for a certain type of goalie. If you are a big goalie with a long neck or a giraffe, you have found your chest protector. If you arent a big goalie with a long neck or a giraffe, but dont feel the need to look over your shoulder or directly in front of your, you have found your chest protector. This chest protector isnt a complete fail though! It does provide excellent, stay puft quality protection! Ya wont feel a thing. The sternum and gut protection is perfect and the arms are very good once you get used to not being able to touch your head and making saves with your shoulder.