Reebok Premier 4 Senior Goalie Leg Pads



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Pure Goalie says: The Premier 4 goal pad closes faster, offering more coverage and has the solid seal needed to win. The Max Coverage feature is designed to create a stiffer and longer area for the knee to land on. Lefevbre has increased the width of the landing block which enables the pad to sit more balanced on the ice. Their new Quick Release feature is a night and day improvement. The entire leg channel is much softer, and the knee is clearly wider and more open. The leg and knee channel is completely lined with a new material for added comfort and easier pad rotation. The new Flex Core feature at the boot break improves overall flexibility, even on a pad with no breaks at the knee. This feature should attract a lot more interest from goalies that have been wearing pads with a soft boot, but want a pad that stands a bit taller.

Reebok Premier 4 Pro

The Reebok Premier 4 Pro...

  • QUICK RELEASE: Open knee cradles help push legs to the outside, allowing the pads to drop to the inside and closing the 5-hole faster to make stop after stop
  • MAX COVERAGE: Raised inside knee raiser with straps running through the injection molded foam takes 5-hole coverage and stability to the absolute max
  • SOLID SEAL: Forward position calf wrap keeps the inside edge flat and flush to the ice giving a solid seal that definitively shuts the door in the butterfly position
  • FLEX CORE: Softer boot flex option gives goalie more flex at the ankle for increased comfort and control in stops and starts

Pad Style: Butterfly
Weight: 6.3 lbs.
Breaks: 2 Internal, Call or Email for External Breaks     
Straps: 5 Leather
Adjustable Straps:      Yes
Made In: China
Warranty: 90 Days
Customizable: Yes


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