Goalie Helmet/Mask Fitting Video

By DJ DelBuono, Pure Goalie Manager

A properly fitting goalie mask is essential for injury prevention. NOTE… Different masks are constructed from different materials allowing for great protection and performance. Masks are also available with different cages options. The “Cat Eye” cage is not HECC certified and cannot be used at many levels of play.

A quick checklist when trying on goal masks...

  • Have the player put the goalie mask on.
  • Adjust the back plate, straps, and chin cup to ensure a snug fit.
  • After the mask has been properly adjusted, check the fit of the forehead, cheeks, and chin. The mask should fit close to the face in all three areas and there should not be visible gaps between the padding and the face.
  • Check the fit of the back plate. In a properly fitting mask the goalie's head should not be visible between the back of the mask and the back plate.
  • Have the goalie move his or head around to ensure the mask does not move and the fit is comfortable.

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