How to Properly Fit a Hockey Goalie Stick

By DJ DelBuono, Pure Goalie Manager

Paddle length is the most important consideration when properly sizing a goalie stick. The correct paddle length allows the goalie to maintain proper positioning. Like leg pads, there is no universal sizing guide. An ideal fit will allow for no gap between the goalie's blocker and leg pad when in his or her comfortable stance.

You will ideally want to test for ideal paddle length with three pieces of equipment on if possible, your goalie skates, leg pads and goalie blocker. Hold the stick and get into your comfortable stance. The ideal length will allow the stick to be flat on the ice, in the middle of your five hole. When in your stance and the stick blade in position, you'll want the very little to no gap between your blocker and pad.

Too long of a paddle will create a gap in coverage between your blocker and pad. Too short of a paddle and the blocker will overlap with you pad and will not allow you to maximize coverage. The correct paddle length will give you optimal coverage area.

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