Goalie Chest Protectors Fitting

By DJ DelBuono, Pure Goalie Manager

A properly fitting chest and arm protector is essential for injury prevention and performance. The goalie’s shoulders should fit comfortably under both shoulder caps and the chest protector should cover the clavicle area. The chest/belly pad should extend to waist to insure the goalie has adequate protection. The arm pads should end approximately one inch past the goalie’s wrist bone. Arm pads that are too long will not allow the goalie’s wrist to flex properly and arm pads that are too short will allow for gaps in protection between the chest protector and catch glove and blocker padding. It is suggested the chest and arm protector be fitted with both the goalie pants and goalie mask on.

A quick checklist when trying on chest protectors...

  • Have the goalie put the chest and arm protector on.
  • Make sure the goalie's shoulders fit under both shoulder caps and the clavicle is not exposed.
  • Check to ensure the chest/belly pad and arm pads properly fit.
  • Have the goalie move his or her arms in various motions to ensure the chest and arm protector is comfortable and allows for optimal mobility.

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