Senior composite goalie sticks are generally lighter than their wood counterparts, are made with materials like carbon fiber and graphite, won't take on water like a wood stick will and have performance advantages. You will need to decide on your paddle height, which is basically where the wider section of the stick begins and measures down to the blade. These measurements do vary (though not by much) from brand-to-brand, so if you are switching brands, it could feel slightly different. Pattern is also an option to choose and is really a matter of your own preferences. If you like to play the puck a lot, we suggest a larger curve for better possession and precision. If you're not throwing a lot of passes or controlling the puck, you are better served with less curve and a more closed angle. Either way, we have you covered! Pure Goalie carries a ton of senior composite goalie sticks from all the leading brands, such as Bauer, Reebok, CCM, True, Sher-Wood, Vaughn, Warrior and more. For some quick and helpful fitting guidance, check out our guide to choosing a goalie stick.

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