Goalie Warranties

At Pure Goalie we are proud to offer some of the finest and high-quality pieces of goalie gear, but recognize that sometimes there are manufacturing issues which may cause you to experience a problem. All manufacturers have a warranty program to stand behind their products and links to these programs can be found on the page below. Each manufacturer handles warranty replacements a bit differently, but they ask that you contact the retailer from which you purchased if your product malfunctions within it’s given warranty period.

Vendor Contact Information:

Bauer: 1-888-464-7746 (http://www.bauer.com/warranty/index)

Reebok & CCM:  1-800-644-1677  (http://www.reebokhockey.com/corporate/ops-returns)

Warrior:  586-978-2595   (http://www.warrior.com/hockey/warranty/us)

Sher-Wood:  1-866-563-2205   (http://www.sher-wood.com/en/sher-wood-hockey-inc/warranty)

Brians: 1-866-962-4267 (http://www.goalies-only.com/warranty/)

Vaughn: 1-248-969-8956 (https://www.vaughnhockey.com/page.asp?id=29)